Immune Challenges in Red Hook NY

Chiropractic Red Hook NY Immune Challenges

Have you ever noticed that if one member of a group (a family or a close set of employees at work) becomes ill, some additional members in that group may come down and "catch" the bug that the original member had? Yet sometimes, there are others in the same group who seemed to be "immune" and not come down with a similar illness. How and why does that happen? After all, it was the same germ to which everyone was exposed.

Your immune system is designed to work best when your body's terrain is in peak shape. Adequate water intake, a healthy diet, low stress, and good quality sleep are just a few of the things your body needs to help ensure a healthy terrain.

However, sometimes your defenses get low and thereby resulting in your body becoming more susceptible to infection. Bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi, molds, parasites, and Lyme are some of the most common types of immune challenges that may need to be addressed. Learn more from a Red Hook NY chiropractor.

Immune System Support In Red Hook NY

Whereby medicine helps to kill the bug, our approach is different. We look to help support your immune system with a combination of healthy dietary recommendations, so as to not feed the critters, and by recommending specific immune support products such as nutritional whole food supplements, herbals, and homeopathic remedies.

When dealing with most immune challenges and toxicities, we often look to enhance "drainage" to help your body eliminate accumulated poisons, waste products, and pus. Keeping the channels of elimination open will help your body reduce the occurrence of uncomfortable "cleansing reactions" (e.g. achiness, severe congestion, swelling, headaches, malaise, etc.).


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