Chiropractic Testimonials

"I've been seeing Dr. Mark for over 15 years. HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!! I had a severe car accident in 2005, with more than 9 surgeries after. I am considered completely disabled, but because of what Dr. Mark has been able to do I can live a decent life. He is sooo good, in our realm he is known as 'THE PROFESSOR"!!!!!"

- Joe F.

"Thank you is not a big enough word for how I feel. You have helped me more than I can say. I always felt medically safe in your hands and that is an amazing feeling. You are not only a great healer but a warm gentle soul. I feel blessed that you were in my life, you will be missed so much! So thank you!! Thank you, thank you for taking such good care of me and being so calming."

- Gina A.

"Before I saw Dr. G, I was tired and sluggish all the time. I also got frequent headaches, some of them severe. My blood pressure spiked to 200/120. My regular doctor is well-meaning but his solution was to put me on more medications. I knew there had to be a better way.

Dr. G found that my adrenal system wasn’t working properly. Since starting with Dr. G, I have noticed significant changes in my physical and mental well being. My thinking is clearer, I have way more energy that never peaks and then bottoms out. I haven’t had a headache in 4 months. The pain in my low back and hips is gone. I can work better and might even be able to run again for the first time in years! Mentally and emotionally, I don’t have the extreme highs and lows that I had for so many years. And my blood pressure has stabilized. Overall, the changes I have felt are dramatic and others have noticed as well.

I went to Scotland this summer and it was the first time in literally years that I noticed my stamina was back. My family and I did a lot of activities every day which included lots of walking and though I may have been tired by the end of the day, I was never “washed out” like I used to be. I didn’t need daily naps, no headaches, I was bright, clear and happy.

I definitely recommend Dr. G to anyone who wants to feel better."

- Cindy H.

Medical case of Maria P.….age 14

"November 2014 Maria received the 1st of 3 shots for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. No reaction to this shot. February 2015 she received the 2nd dosage. Within 24 hours she was experiencing blurry vision, vision loss and felt as though she would pass out. These episodes all happened while she was in school sitting at a desk, as well as when she was participating in the sports program of track and field. Within a week of these episodes her head became the first to be numb, it then progressed to her face and partial neck. The only feeling Maria had was her lips, tongue and inside of cheeks.

Approximately from March 2015 through Sept 2015 Marias mom took her to her family doctor who did a series of blood tests. Maria was prescribed Prednisone, as well as some anxiety medication. Maria argued that she did not feel anxious at all. These 2 medications did not help Maria at all. She was then sent to a neurologist who authorized a CT scan and a MRI. All results were negative. Several other tests were performed, but the results were also negative.

After considerable research on the HPV vaccine and the reactions that could occur it was determined by the parents that Maria’s medical issues could be the result of the vaccine she received. Since none of the other medical professionals could determine after extensive testing what was causing the issue with Maria, alternative medicine was discussed.

On October 5, 2015 Maria’s 1st appointment was scheduled with Dr. Mark Goldhirsch. He determined that there was inflammation in the body, specifically with the adrenal glands and the parotid gland. She was prescribed a strict diet, no grains, no sugar and no dairy, as well as supplements/raw food extracts which consisted of Parotid PMG (supports the parotid gland), Catalyn (multivitamin & extracts from dried plants) , Drenatrophin PMG (supports adrenal function) and Detoxosode.

On October 17, 2015 Maria, her father and step-mom went for a hike. On this hike Maria noticed that she could feel warmth and cold on her face, but there was still numbness.
Her 2nd appt. with Dr. Goldhirsch was on October 26, 2015 and we informed the Doctor that she was able to feel warm and cold on her face.

On November 9, 2015 Maria went to school and was sitting in class when a friend threw a pencil at her head. Maria found that she could actually feel when the pencil hit her head. She had her friend touch her head and face and Maria could now feel everything. This was only a-little over 3 weeks of adhering to the diet and taking the supplements.

I can’t thank my friend Isabella enough for referring us to Dr. Goldhirsch. Without his help who knows how far the condition could have progressed."

- Kim. H

"I had been suffering from vaginal pain for a year without a known cause. I had gone to different doctors and finally discovered that I had vulvodynia as well as pelvic floor dysfunction. After going on a low oxalate diet and had gone through continuous physical therapy, my symptoms had greatly improved but were not gone completely. Dr. Mark discovered that I had a yeast overgrowth (something my obgyn did not catch!) He put me on a sugar free/dairy free diet for about four months along with recommended supplements. I have to say that after working with him my symptoms have improved and are barely in existence! Thank you Dr. Mark for your help!"

- Kelly R.

"I was on heavy medication for constant gripping pain in my side that I had for almost 3 years. Several discs in my back were herniated and I had been to three or four different doctors and had several epidurals without any success. As a matter of fact, I was getting worse and could no longer work or do everyday activities. I was told by my neurologist that I needed surgery.

After seeing Dr. Goldhirsch for just two visits my pain decreased so much I was able to cut my pain medication to half of what I had been taking. I have become more active and have more energy. After several weeks the pain I was experiencing was gone completely!! I would wake up in the morning and realized after I started down my bedroom stairs that I had no pain. What a miracle! I was now able to get up and function normally for the first time in almost three years with no pain! In addition, I am sleeping without the sleep medications I had been on for four years.

I also had psoriasis which I could not get rid of. I went to several doctors who prescribed different topical creams without any success. In fact it got worse. Dr. Mark gave me a bottle of Drainage Tone and not only did it clear up my psoriasis but I noticed my nose was no longer stuffed up and I could breathe better! Thank you Dr. Mark, I'm a believer.

Thank you Ann Marie for all you do!! Your friendliness and helping to make me feel at ease is truly a blessing."

 - JoAnne K.

"Another day, another victory for health with Dr. Mark Goldhirsch Chiropractic & Nutrition 🙂 The young lady who has been staying with us got a chance to get an adjustment from Dr. Goldhirsch yesterday and will be going back tomorrow for one more adjustment before returning home to the Twin Cities. When she arrived to visit us, she was so tense and stressed; just a day after an adjustment she is eating better and more relaxed. She's sleeping better. It turns out she and I have similar problems- my adrenals aren't active enough, and hers are over active. With helpful ideas for gentle exercise to center our bodies and minds, and with suggestions for good meals that are fun to cook and healthy for our adrenals, we're now both huge fans of Dr. Goldhirsch and I know she will be asking for a referral to someone in Minneapolis who does the same kind of healing work he does. Hope if anyone is thinking about getting help with a chronic condition they feel free to check him out!"

 - Molly S.

"I would like to take a moment to share my story and express my gratitude to Dr. Mark...
About 3 months ago, I went to Dr. Mark in a moment of desperation! I had been experiencing fibromyalgia type symptoms for a few years. It was getting to the point that I could no longer ignore the aches, pains, anxiety and fatigue I was experiencing. I was waking up 3-4 times a night to walk around the house and shake out my numb arms and walk off the pain in my upper body I was feeling.
Immediately, Dr. Mark started me on herbal supplements, weekly chiropractic, and here's where my work and dedication came in, a strict anti-inflammatory diet (dairy free, gluten free, sugar free diet). He determined that my adrenal glands were depleted and the CAUSE of my symptoms. That's what I loved about the treatment I received. Dr. Mark believed in getting to the root of the problem.
After 3-4 weeks of following this strict regimen, I started to feel better. The aches and pains were decreasing and my energy level was increasing (thank goodness... I'm a busy mom and teacher... I need my energy!)
Eventually, I was able to decrease the amount of supplements I was taking and graduated to every other week adjustments. In addition, I was down 12 pounds!
Today, 3 months into my treatment, Dr Mark told me my adrenals are fully functioning, I do not need to continue the supplements at this time, and I only need once a month chiropractic as maintenance. I can not begin to explain how transformed I feel!
Thank you Dr. Mark!!!!"

- Nicole J.

"Before I went to see Dr Mark on the recommendation of a good friend I suffered many years from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) lactose intolerance and acid reflux. After a few weeks or so of using Dr Mark's treatment and dietary suggestions I can honestly say that I have turned the page on my upper and lower digestive problems which no other medical person I have seen over the years was ever able to do and it was done completely naturally. By changing my diet and taking the recommended food supplements and avoiding foods that were not agreeable with me, I no longer suffer from recurrent diarrhea and bloating and heart burn which I had suffered from for several years. I also find that I sleep better and have more energy because I no longer suffer from malabsorption. If you have similar problems and have yet to find an answer give Dr. Mark a call."

- Steve P.

"I was having difficulty with my daily routine, whether it was laying down for sleep, walking, bending or even standing at work prior to seeing Dr. Mark for the first time.
I had terrible back pain that would radiate down my left leg and through my left arm. My left side, arm and leg were very shaky, especially when trying to perform difficult tasks which required strength. I was skeptical at first that Dr. Mark would even be able to help me but I was very comfortable talking to him on the first visit. He was very attentive to my questions and did a very thorough question and analysis along with reflex testing and some muscle testing. After suggesting an MRI to determine if there was a major issue in my upper and lower back, there was a minor adjustment to the center of my back and nutritional supplementation was recommended. There was an immediate sense of relief in my back and after the first week there was tremendous improvement. With the MRI results in, Dr. Mark adjusted my whole back. The sensation was incredible; I could actually move easier than I had in years. Again with retesting of reflexes and muscle strength, my left side has shown incredible improvement that was noticed by both Dr. Mark and myself. I was also impressed with Dr. Mark because he did not want to push me in a direction using medications. I never had the expected result with prescriptions or over the counter medications. After my third week in, I feel much better, I move easier, my posture has improved and my attitude has improved. Dr. Mark and chiropractic are an obvious choice for me now."

- Jeremy K.

"I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone and anyone know about a very knowledgeable doctor in the town of Red Hook, NY that has helped my wife overcome a digestive issue with his complete understanding of nutrition! She had a leaky gut and her bowel movements were off! Dr.Mark Goldhirsch knew exactly what to do and put her on a special 21 day program to cleanse her digestive system. As her husband, I can honestly say that she is feeling fantastic and is on cloud 9!

I highly recommend Dr.Mark Goldhirsch for anyone who needs an understanding doctor and is reachable where most doctors are not! We are very fortunate to have such a outstanding doctor in Red Hook, NY. Please do not hesitate to call Dr.Mark Goldhirsch if you have any health issues! You won't be sorry. He is fantastic."

- Barry S.

"I started seeing Dr. Goldhirsch in December of 2014. I had been chronically ill with mysterious symptoms and no clear diagnosis for three years prior to that. Where to begin...

In February of 2011 I started getting flaky skin around my right eye. Thinking it was eczema, I put creams on it. After a few months, It became inflamed and there was visible swelling above my eyebrow and on my forehead. It spread to my jaw and the whole right side of my face was sore and stiff. My eye looked droopy, like I had Bell's palsy and pins and needles shot through my head.

Other symptoms included heart palpitations, major fatigue, rashes on my chest and stomach that would come and go, dizziness, and symptoms of hypoglycemia even though my blood sugar was normal.
The scariest was I went to sleep one night and woke up with uncontrollable tremors in my right arm. I went to the ER and was given a CT scan that was normal, a lot of blood work, a Lyme's Disease and Ehrlichia test and everything was normal.
I was referred to a neurologist who did an MRI and that too was normal. In the meantime, I saw my GP several times and got a CT scan of the abdomen because I was also having digestive issues, the result was normal. I was treated clinically for Lyme's Disease and put on Doxycycline for a few months, but never really improved. I also saw a nutritionist who had me taking all kinds of supplements for my immune system and a homeopath who specialized in tick borne illness. Nothing was really working and nobody had a clear diagnosis. I was also put on Mepron, medication for babesia, even though I never tested positive for it.

After a few more months, my condition deteriorated severely and I ended up being taken by ambulance to the ER. I had a pelvic infection, jaundice, hemolytic anemia, and received a shot of rocephin and Zithromax. The antibiotics worsened my digestive issues and I started getting horrible cramping and blood in my stool.

I was tired all the time, dizzy, couldn't eat anything, and my weight dropped to under 100 pounds. I'm normally 120.

I was sent to an infectious disease doctor who was convinced it wasn't anything tick borne. He tested me for bartonella, Epstein Barr, hepatitis, HIV, and Cytomegalovirus. I was horrified to find out I tested positive for the last, CMV, a mono virus. There wasn't anything that could be done to treat it and I was ill for months with swollen glands, chronic fatigue, dizziness, and blurred vision.

I made the best of everything, even though I was really ill all the time. I always ate well, organic only, no gluten or dairy or soy, and only small amounts of lean meat. I juiced everyday, even before getting sick. My diet was great, but I was not.
By September of 2014, I was sick of being sick. I had blurred vision, swelling around my eye, seeing spots and flashes of light that were thought to be ocular migraines. I went on vacation and decided to start eating gluten again. I had bread and pizza and over indulged.

I came home and felt worse than ever. Heart palpitations, fatigue, cloudy thinking, vision was worse, I couldn't eat garlic anymore, severe bloating and bowel pain, and blood in my stool for weeks that wouldn't go away.
I went to a GI doc and he did a celiac test which was negative. He mentioned getting a colonoscopy, but I wasn't interested. I also started getting horrible ovarian cysts that were being monitored by ultrasound and eventually an MRI. My condition worsened and one day my chiropractor suggested I see Dr. Goldhirsch.

Day one he said I had a parasite and I was treated with herbs that made me so much worse. I kept writing him to ask if it was normal for me to feel more awful than usual. He assured me all was going well and it was die off of the parasites.
After a few months of parasite treatment, I felt better, but still had visual disturbances, fatigue, and various nutritional deficiencies. I was low on iron, calcium, vitamin D, and the bloody stool was pretty chronic.

I went through the standard process cleanse, have taken probiotics, digestive enzymes, chlorophyll, adrenal supplements, and it has taken a long time, but I'm happy to say I have my life back. I'm not tired all the time, my mood is great, no more bloody stool and my visual disturbances are almost gone.

When the mainstream medical industry fails, it's nice to know people like Dr. G are out there and it works. I've referred many of my friends and family to him now and all have had positive results. He's a mighty fine chiropractor too.
I'm running everyday again, working construction on my house, out playing late nights with my band, and I feel great thanks to Dr. Goldhirsch."

- Erin H.

"I was referred to Dr. Goldhirsch about four months ago. My arms and legs had broken out in a painful, itchy rash that was diagnosed prior to seeing Dr. Goldhirsch as eczema. I had acne on my face, and severe issues with my digestive tract. Everything I tried didn't seem to work, until Dr. Goldhirsch uncovered that the problem was internal. After two months of a drastic diet change and the amazing supplements provided, I not only had clear skin, and regular bowel movements (for the first time since I can remember) but my body felt significantly stronger. My mind felt much clearer. My memory improved. Overall I would say through this practice, my body was finally able to achieve balance. This doctor's office is so unique and wonderful not only because you see and feel results, but because you can connect with real people that care and are willing to see you more than once a year. Dr. Goldhirsch is a very kind and honest person who loves what he does. Through the experience of having a great nutritionist, I've learned how to read my body more clearly. We are what we eat and this practice is proof. I feel the best I have ever felt. Thank you, Dr. Goldhirsch, for helping me achieve balance and strong health!!"

- Lillie N.

"My wife & I met Dr. Mark about 3 months ago..She was having severe neck & shoulder pain. It was bad enough to send her to the emergency room. After a few treatments she is 100% better....The real reason I am writing is to discuss the holistic side of his practice, which I was skeptical about! After researching & grilling Dr. Goldhirsch we agreed my wife would try Adrenal complex & Cataplex C...After a few days my wife's hot flashes all but disappeared and she also had more energy.

But the most amazing thing that happened was my wife suggested our daughter try them. At the time, my daughter was going into a bout of depression, which she has had on & off for about 10yrs. Over the years we have tried everything including anti-depressants which seemed to make things worse. The week she started taking these supplements she was going into a heavy funk. She didn't want to socialize, she was missing work & in general having trouble functioning.

After a few days of taking Adrenal Complex & Cataplex C, she was back to her old self, her temperament had turned positive, she had more energy & feeling better about herself overall. If I hadn't see it with my own eyes I would have never believed it !!! Amazing!!! Thanks Dr Mark, I'm a believer now!!!"

- Andrew G.

"Prior to my initial visit with Dr. Mark I had been suffering with the side affects from PCOS- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for over 8 years. In the past, I have had several ovarian cysts-including one rupture, irregular cycles, and fatigue. In addition to this, I was diagnosed with Cold Urticaria, which is a severe skin reaction to cold temperatures. As you can imagine, this is impossible to deal with during our brutal New York winters. I went to Dr. Mark feeling desperate; the remedies that other doctors left me with were not working. Dr. Mark’s confidence and reassurance filled me with hope, and I left his office that day with the vitamins that have fully healed me. Since I have begun this regimen, I have not had any cold hives from my Cold Urticaria, and have not experienced any symptoms from having PCOS. Any time I have gone into his office with a smaller issue, such as digestive problems, headaches, joint-pain, he has been able to recognize the problem immediately and provide me with the proper solution right away. I cannot describe how much better I feel knowing that I am truly listening to my body and healing it naturally. I cannot thank Dr. Mark enough for all he has done for me."

- L.H.

"January 2015 brought the start of my last semester at college, which I  realized I was starting at 25 pounds more than I had started as a freshman. After spending a summer socializing through happy hours and eating out, gaining a few  “love pounds”, neglecting the gym the entire fall semester, and completely falling off  my very low sugar and non‐dairy diet, I was absolutely miserable. I had fallen so far  off the wagon I wasn’t quite sure I could get back on. I have been seeing Dr.  Goldhirsch since September 2011, and he has helped my health tremendously. I went to him feeling bloated, miserable, and desperate at the beginning of the year  and he recommended the Standard Process Purification. We had spoken about it a  while ago, but I was hesitant because it was a little over $200 and, as a student, that’s a scary number. I left the office that day with all of the information and began  my research. After reading through all of the material and doing some independent  research, I realized this was a program well worth the money. Centered around  whole foods‐ mainly fruits and vegetables‐ I decided to take the dive and start the program. I went the next day and picked up all of my supplies and headed back to  school.

That Tuesday, I began the Purification‐ only fruits and vegetables, no  caffeine, no bread, no indulgences. Full disclosure: this is not easy by any means. The SP Complete shakes are not that great to just mix with water and chug. I was at  a loss for what I could eat, especially because I hate vegetables and it requires eating  twice as many vegetables as compared to fruit intake. To top it all off, I had a killer  three‐day long migraine during my first week of classes thanks to starting the  cleanse. Dr. Goldhirsch had recommended starting on a Thursday so I would have  the weekend to deal with these side‐effects, but of course I didn’t listen. The first week I was hungry all the time, I dreamed of eating protein, even though I don’t  really like meat to begin with. I complained to my friends all the time about what I was eating and what I wish I could eat. Seriously‐ it was miserable.

During the second week, I started to feel the effects of the Purification. My energy was up tremendously‐ I was waking up at 6 am to go to the gym, making it through classes without yawning, I felt no need to afternoon naps, and I kept a strict rule of putting my cell phone away at 8 pm and going to bed at 10 pm. The second week was the first time in a long time that I had people tell me I looked great and looked like I had lost weight. (I try not to weigh myself because I find it is more important how I feel, rather than the number on the scale.)

On day 11, protein is added in the Purification. I started with eating an egg‐which I later realized wasn’t allowed in the Purification. In the following days I added in salmon and a small amount of red meat‐which I found made me slightly cranky, so I decided to add it in even more slowly. The good news is I had finally gotten the SP Complete shakes down‐ I would make a smoothie with coconut milk, SP Complete, 1 cup of spinach, 1 cup of kale, and some frozen berries‐ which tastes delicious (I still drink it!). These smoothies were a way for me to get a few servings of vegetables in and not mind the taste.

By the end of the third week, I felt on top of the world. I felt happier, healthier, slimmer, and more energized than I had in a very long time. I had no desire to eat any processed food and was excited to eat my healthy vegetables‐I love broccoli now! Full disclosure: The weekend after the Purification ended was Valentine’s Day weekend. I ate a bunch of terrible food and I felt the consequences every second of the day. I used the way this food made me feel as motivation to continue eating whole, healthy food.

I have learned so many lessons from the Purification. Besides learning that I should continue to always listen to Dr. Goldhirsch, I have learned that sometimes your body needs a cleanse. I have learned that every food affects my mood and my energy level. I have learned that I have will power I never thought I had. Even though it was incredibly difficult to stay on track, I would never pass up the experience. My eating habits have taken a compete turn for the better, I am going to the gym between 5 and 10 hours a week, and I am holding myself accountable for all the food I put into my body. I would recommend the Standard Process Purification to anyone and everyone‐ it is worth every single dime and will completely change the way you look not only at food, but at yourself and what you are capable of."

‐ A.R.

"Before I visited Dr. Mark's office, I had been suffering with many severe gastrointestinal issues. Since I've been under his care many of those issues have been resolved and I am now able to eat many of the foods I couldn't eat before. He has also been instrumental in helping me recognize the foods I can eat with those that I should avoid. My energy has returned and I feel much better now and have been healthy. I would like to thank him for his assistance in helping me heal. - J.P.

I am a 74 year old woman. About 3 months ago I began running a fever and every joint in my body hurt. The doctor said Lyme and gave me antibiotics. The fever went away but all the tests came back negative for any tick-borne illness. The pain around my joints continued. I had a lot of fatigue, was not sleeping well, was always cold, and could not do any workouts. After a month, a friend suggested I try Nutrition Response Testing®.

When I called Dr. G., he took me right away! I have long believed if we eat right, our bodies will repair themselves from dis-ease. Sometimes we cannot get the right nutrients from our food.

I don't know the exact science behind NRT or exactly how it works. For seven weeks, I have been using the nutritional supplements the tests have shown my body needs. I have a lot more energy, I am sleeping better, the pain around my joints are mostly gone and I have also noticed I am no longer having digestive issues I was not even aware of until they were gone. I can't wait to see what else will happen!"

- M.S.

"After sending family members and many friends to Dr. Goldhirsch I realized it was time for me to schedule a visit when I was experiencing unexplainable fatigue. I would wake up from a good night’s sleep only to feel very tired as if I didn’t sleep at all. Driving home from work my eyes would feel heavy and I just wanted to go home and go to bed. I was also entering into the wonderful world of night sweats and hot flashes.

Dr. Goldhirsch listens to your concerns and symptoms in an unhurried manner to determine what would work best for you. Many of the issues I had were easily explained and remedied. Through several visits of diagnosis Dr. Goldhirsch was able to narrow down what nutritional supplements and dietary changes would relieve me of my symptoms. Soon I was experiencing more energy (without coffee) and the night sweats and hot flashing are a thing of the past.

Dr. Goldhirsch’s genuine concern for your health and well being are very evident in the manner in which he treats you. I can see myself as a patient of his for many years to come."

- J.R.

"Before we went to see Dr. Mark, my son was having a lot of trouble focusing and staying on task at school. He was also having some behavior issues as well. Due to his inability to focus, he wasn't succeeding in his school work. He wasn't behind, but being a very smart boy, the teachers and I knew he was capable of more. I had talked with teachers about what we could do to help him, and they didn't have many ideas. I was dead set against giving him any ADHD meds. My sister suggested Dr. Mark who her friend had told her about.

After seeing Dr. Mark, we immediately took his advice and stopped giving our son wheat and soy. We've also greatly reduced his sugar intake. He takes 3 supplements as well. He doesn't love taking them but they seem to help. About 2 weeks later the improvement was great. He now gets stickers almost every day for focusing at school. He's calmer at school and at home. He hasn't been in any trouble for 2 months now. My favorite change has been that he does things without being told, like picking up his dirty clothes.

All I can say is thank you Dr. Mark for helping my boy focus and making school better for him. I'm thrilled with the results and am so relieved that nobody wants to put him on ADHD meds anymore."

- J.D.

"I want to express a sincere "Thank You" on behalf of my family. We have benefited in so many ways from treatment in your office. My son and I have been seeing Dr. Mark for a few years now.

My first visit was arranged by a friend who was already a patient of Dr. Mark. I had Pneumonia and really needed help. He was willing to see me right away. He helped me heal and to strengthen my lungs. We were even able to volunteer in the Dominican Republic a couple of months later (after having to cancel once before due to my health). After that he has helped me with a list of health issues: Lupus and other complications, heart problems, allergies and migraine headaches. My cardiologist has asked me what I am doing and I had to tell her how well CardioPlus was working for me. So far, my Rheumatologist has respected my choice of natural treatment and I have been able to avoid taking the traditional medicines for Lupus and am avoiding foods that aggravate my health.

Dr. Mark started seeing my son when he was 6 yrs old. He was always sick. His allergies had been a problem since he was an infant. We, both, had been exposed to Lyme Disease a few years before and his immune system just worsened. Dr. Mark helped us to focus on his immune system and weakened organs while avoiding foods that caused reactions. Although we had been very careful about our diet and supplements, Dr. Mark helped us to find other foods that were causing trouble that we were unaware of. My son, too, has been able to avoid most traditional medicines. He looks forward to his appointments. He says that they are relaxing and fun. He even interviewed Dr. Mark at his last visit for a school report!

Overall, Dr. Mark is a practitioner and educator. He has taught us how to live with our health, how to maintain proper nutrition and a healthy diet and how to listen to our bodies. The quality of life we experience now is so much better! I love to hear my son describe to me how he feels. He understands how certain foods can affect him and when his body is not quite right.
I am so glad that we have crossed paths with Dr. Mark. His sincere and genuine interest in his patients has been comforting. His passion for helping others has truly helped to save our lives."

- T.B.

"I honestly don’t know where to begin because how does one go about thanking someone for giving their child their life back again? After all, that’s what you did for our daughter. When you were referred to us in Jan of this year, I was very curious about the testing you did, but since we were in the midst of testing with two different pediatric gastroenterologists and my daughter’s pediatrician, I felt confident that we had everything covered and that we would get to the bottom of my daughter’s illness. Little did I know that it would be another two months of torture for her. Plagued with abdominal pain that came and never left, headaches, and nausea, this became our daughter’s state of life for three months. The sports she played, dances she danced, and honor-roll grades, all became a thing of the past for her. This bright, cheerful, optimistic, 12 yr-old child was now confined to her bed every day, crying in agony. She was home-schooled when she could sit through the pain, she couldn’t spend time with friends, travel, or sleep through the night. Sleeping with her every night for fear of the unknown, I prayed for a miracle.

Finally on Tuesday, February 19th, she was admitted to Albany Med for more testing as she couldn’t stand up because the abdominal pain was too intense. The next morning she was released and we were told we needed to put her on anti-depressants for eight months since they couldn’t find anything, but the meds “might heal her intestines”. This was not a solution or a cure…or an alternative for us.

I went home and called your office…you saw us first thing Monday morning! The next day (Tuesday) you gave us your diagnosis…parasites! From the parasites, she was now hypoglycemic and severely vitamin deficient. We went away with a very strict diet and a plethora of supplements. Two weeks to the day, our daughter was finally pain-free!

It has now been six months since we‘ve been seeing you…and as you know, we are your biggest fans!

You have since helped my younger daughter, with focus and attention, and other family members and close friends that we have referred have found success, as well. Never before can I honestly say that I could refer someone to a doctor and feel so confident about that doctor being able to help them…until you!

We will continue to sing your praises from the rooftops and hope that someday, Morphogenic Field Testing (and Dr Mark!) will be a part of every individual’s way to a much healthier life!


- Paula S. & Family

P.S Thanks for the miracle and prayers answered! We have our daughter back again!"

"It all started thirteen years ago (I was thirteen at the time) when one day after indulging in a tasty snack, I turned to my mom and said "My tummy hurts, something doesn't feel right." Only if I knew what was in store for me for the next thirteen years after that statement. Without going into every grueling detail, those next years consisted of nausea, stomach aches, sharp pains, and constant pain. I lost a TREMENDOUS amount of weight, stuck to a strict diet which consisted of lean meats, vegetables, and fruit and sometimes wouldn't even eat because that's the only time the pain was bearable. It became a burden on my personal life: being scared to travel, never wanting to leave home, missing out on events, and most importantly negatively affecting the lives of important people around me. I went to many doctors and specialists throughout this time frame, but everyone said I was as healthy as could be. It just didn't make sense. Some days were worse than others, but the worst were the days where I would have my "attacks." The pain would be so excruciating that I would lose feeling in my legs, cry, yell, and feel like I was going to pass out. There were times that I thought the best option was plainly giving up (which has never been a quote in my book). I could not live the rest of my life constantly sick EVERY single day. July 6th 2013 was the day when all of that changed. I was referred to Dr. Goldhirsch by a family friend who had the same exact issues as I did, and said he did wonders. I will be truthful to tell you that I didn't think Dr. Goldhirsch was going to be able to help. I had been to a million doctors, been through so many tests, and quite frankly didn't ever think I would see the day that my symptoms would vanish. Honestly, I couldn't even imagine what it would feel like to live a normal life in the sense of no pain and eating normal foods again. It just didn't seem possible. When I went to Dr. Goldhirsch for my first testing on that July 6th, he told me my thyroid didn't like soy and that's why I had all of my issues. Again, still extremely skeptical, he sent me away with numerous supplements and told me I had to avoid soy. I figured I'd might as well try and see what happens, if anything, the supplements were good for me and couldn't hurt, but had no expectations of change. Today is August 18th, 2013 and I am a new person. My pain has gone away, I am slowly starting to introduce foods that I haven't eaten in THIRTEEN years, and I feel absolutely out of this world. It's all surreal that I am actually better. I can't thank Dr. Goldhirsch enough for what he has done. He truly is remarkable at what he does and I would recommend him to ANYONE. It's been an amazing month of feeling great and I look forward to continuing the feeling in the future. I truly owe him for life. ps-for anyone that sees/is thinking about seeing Dr. Goldhirsch, MAKE SURE to try one of his coconut chocolate bars. He is going to be a very very rich man from my purchases alone on these bars, they are absolutely delicious! Thanks again Doctor!"

- D.P.

"When I first went to Dr. Mark I was afraid I wouldn't be able to work in the garden this season due to debilitating back pain. Not only have I been able to spend 4-5 hours in the garden with no problems, my overall muscular flexibility is better than it's been in years. In addition, when I met Dr. Mark my weight loss efforts were at a plateau. His healthy eating tips have significantly contributed to my 30 lb. weight loss! After muscle testing to determine if my body required any assistance to regain optimal health, Dr. Mark ascertained that my body needed Adrenal Complex and the hot flashes I've had for 25 years have disappeared! Who knew that was even possible? I am confident that under his care, together we can handle any imbalance that comes my way. He is very professional, easy to trust and has the patient's wellbeing uppermost in his mind. I am delighted to have found him. Thanks, Dr. Mark!!"

- D.B.

"I really wasn't sure what to expect when I started Nutrition Response Testing® (NRT) with Dr. Goldhirsch. My hope was to lessen my new sensitivities to food. I couldn't be more happy with the results! It has been a wonderful experience and my food sensitivities have lessened dramatically. I feel so much better overall. NRT has been a great experience and healing tool for me."

- C.D.

"Hi Dr. Mark! I'm writing you from 30,000 ft...plenty of time to reflect on a 6 hr flight. Ha! Anyhow, I hate to say this, and hope I won't regret it, but I must say that I have been healthy since I started going to see you in JULY. Keep in mind, I was a regular at my western medicine Dr. This is AMAZING! I feel like I have a SUPER immune system, but it's not "magic", it's that my body is now absorbing the wonderful nutrition of REAL food, which happened after you helped me slowly remove the TOXINS I was putting in my body every day. I just wanted to say THANK YOU & Merry Christmas!"

- J.S.

"What has Dr. Mark done for me? He has healed me, inside and out. Let me start by telling you where I came from. I was always physically fit, in the Army and # 2 in Physical Fitness. I even trained other women. Following my departure from the Army in 2000, my health began a steady decline. I was basically sick for 10 yrs on and off. Here is a list of some of my issues and what I did to treat them.

Ovarian cysts - Surgically removed.

Stomach bloating – Constipation and diarrhea.

GERD – Following many invasive procedures, I began a daily regimen of Zantac.

Graves disease (Hyperthyroid) - RAI (Radioactive Iodine) to kill thyroid. Life on Synthroid.

Colds / Sinus Infections – Steroids, sinus surgery.

Tired – All of the time. Drank coffee like my life depended on it, because it did or so I thought.

Hungry – All of the time. I would eat a big meal and still feel hungry.

B12 Deficiency – Shots. Weekly to Bi-Monthly.

Pinched nerve in neck – Cervical epidural X 2. Chiropractic, new desk, chair, etc. No relief for daily pain.

Anxiety – Meds

Weight gain / loss resistant – Fad diets, pills, exercise, etc.

Yes, I had a lot of issues. The key word here is HAD. That is, before meeting Dr. Mark that. I’ll never forget the night that I read about Dr. Mark via a Facebook post. On a whim, I tried calling him. Guess what? He answered. I was shocked. He had an opening the next morning. When I went back to that same e-mail trail to tell them, they said, “Dr. Mark always answers”.

Let me also tell you that I was not an easy convert, I remained skeptical, even after I began feeling better and seeing results. Since I am more of a “scientific” kind of person, I began educating myself on Whole Foods and the science behind it. When I would come in with a line of questions, Dr. Mark would patiently answer them. He never got frustrated when I said that I will “try to be good while on vacation”. He was always supportive.

I am only 5 months in and I have lost 17 lbs, so far. I am off of Zantac for my GERD. My stomach is no longer bloated and painful. I am no longer hungry and tired all of the time. I no longer need to give myself B12 shots. My skin has cleared up. I have completely stopped an Anxiety med. I have the energy and strength to work out 3-4 times a week. The pinched nerve in my neck has not given me problems in 2 months. This pain was daily and the next step was surgery. Dr. Mark also treated this injury with Chiropractic care.

In the end, Dr. Mark taught me how “Good Health Begins in the Gut” and how knowing and then treating what the body specifically needs to function properly. I have also not seen my primary doctor for an ailment in 5 months. The one time I did was to get my annual physical and she wanted to know exactly what I have been doing, since even she was impressed.

Many thanks Dr. Mark for giving me back my life!!

A Devoted believer,"

- Jennifer S.

"It all started when I was 16 years old, I am now 31 years old. I had gotten the stomach flu and I haven’t been the same since then. I went through a series of tests in Boston, my home town, and was told that a parasite was making me as sick as I was. I was constantly nauseous with obviously no appetite. I couldn’t eat and had terrible stomach pains all the time. It had gotten so bad that I needed to be hospitalized with a pic line jimmied up my arm so I could receive all the nutrients my body needed. A month or so later I started to slowly gain back the weight I had lost and was closer to feeling somewhat “normal” again. That was short lived, by the age of 19 I was referred to an OBGYN specialist for having extremely painful menses, abnormally painful. I knew it wasn’t normal; it had only taken me 3 years of complaining to my PCP for something to actually happen. I had my first appointment on a Wednesday and by that Friday I was in the hospital for a Laparoscopy. The doctor was convinced I had Endometriosis and had explained that having this procedure was the only way to diagnose it. What should have been a 30-45 minute procedure turned into 2 and a half hours, I was loaded with Endometriosis that the doctor had to laser and cut out of my ovaries, fallopian tubes, and bladder. I had gotten about 6 months of relief from that first surgery and then back in the O.R. for surgery number 2. This would turn out to be a total of 10 surgeries over a span of 8 or 9 years with trying other treatments in between. I had tried the IUD, it seemed like a good idea, birth control and possibly getting rid of my Endo. Nope I was wrong. Within 24 hours of having it inserted the IUD had shifted completely into my cervix. Needless to say it needed to be removed immediately. The doctor had suggested we put it back in a few weeks later; I needed to go on a high dose of antibiotics in case of an infection. I declined. In my mind I really didn’t want to relive that twice. In the midst of all of this I was in a car accident and suffered severe whiplash and a good blow to my head which led to migraines and seizures plus other injuries. I had felt completely hopeless and beaten up. I was so tired of going to doctor appointments and never receiving good news. I was exhausted of being in and out of the hospital; after all I was only in my early twenties at this point. All of this took a major toll on my mental health. I fell into depression and developed debilitating anxiety attacks. I had decided to give this IUD one more try – what did I have to lose?? And it worked the second time. It stayed in place and helped with the heavy menses. I was still having bouts of constipation and nausea but I had learned to just live with it. I started to pick up the pieces, get the help I needed regarding the depression and anxiety. I had a year or two where I felt OK. Never during any of these years did I ever feel 100%, not even close but like I said earlier I had learned to live with it and I managed to work and lead a somewhat “normal” life. I was out one day with friends and started to have heart palpitations, I assumed it to be anxiety and tried to ignore it but several hours later it wasn’t going away. I decided to make a trip to the ER just to be safe. They did the normal work up and ruled out anything serious. They did find growths on my thyroid that had shown up in my chest x-rays and told me to follow up with my PCP and I was also referred to a Cardiologist. I went to my PCP the next day and an ultrasound was done. The images worried them and the next thing I knew my PCP was on the phone making an appointment for me at the Cancer Center for more ultrasounds and biopsies. Luckily the biopsies came back negative and the fact that my thyroid was swollen with nodules growing was left alone. I did go back 6 months later for a follow up biopsy which came back negative. Oh and nothing major happened with my heart either. So once again I carried on as best I could with my life. A year or so after that whole thyroid/heart issue, I had met the love of my life, my soul mate. Finally something good and happy in my life. From the get go I told him everything, if it was going to freak him out and if he wanted to bail I wanted it to happen sooner than later. He didn’t and he was extremely understanding, something I wasn’t used to. We carried on a long distance relationship for 1 year and then I moved to NY in January 2012 to be with him and his son. I was set on a new adventure in my life, I had left all I had ever known and although it was hard to leave my family and friends my heart belonged in NY with him. On May 6, 2012 he asked me to marry him while watching the sunset at Bard College and once I could speak, I said yes. Shortly after my big move I started to have more and more episodes of constipation, nausea and terrible stomach pain. I’m talking about constipation where I didn’t go for two weeks at a time. I was constantly bloated and felt gross. It felt like every day I had the flu. I traveled back to Boston for a week to see my GI doctor. I went through some more tests and from these tests there was a diagnosis. I had bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine. Treatment was antibiotics to kill all the bad bacteria and it made me sicker. I thought to myself maybe I just need to get over the hump and I’d start to feel better. So I stuck with it and by day six or seven I called my doctor and told him what was going on – his response was “well you must have a stomach bug, that medicine shouldn’t make you feel that way”. I knew it was not a bug but he made his mind up and to him it was. He called in yet another antibiotic for me. The same exact reaction from the first round of antibiotics I had again. I was back to feeling hopeless and beyond frustrated. I was calling my doctor and leaving messages and wasn’t getting any phone calls back. I tried emailing him, same thing no reply. Now my episodes were so bad that I was spending days at a time curled up in bed. I had given up. I thought that this was going to be my life. One day my future Mother in law came to me with a newspaper with an article about Dr. Mark and in the article it had mentioned that he had helped people with GI issues. I said OK, let’s give him a shot. I called my Mom, gave her his name, I knew she would want to read about him. She researched all the doctors I had gone to. My Mom agreed, give him a shot. She helped me with a list of symptoms to bring to him. This was my list; stomach pain, constipation, nausea, dry heaving, daily headaches, swollen thyroid, weight gain, toes turning blue and going numb, and chronic lower back pain. I called the office and left a message hoping I’d hear back from the office within a few days. Dr Mark called me back himself that day and was extremely nice, what the heck was this?!! I was used to a doctor with more of a cold bedside manner. I remember telling Dr. Mark over the phone why I was calling and needed to see him, I started crying, I was desperate to feel better. Dr. Marks response was along the line of don’t give up and that there was hope for me. Again, what the heck was this?!! A doctor that sounded so concerned and caring, I thought is this guy for real? Well a few days later on September 14, 2012 I found out for myself. I went in for my first appointment and low and behold this guy was for real! He started doing the nutrition response testing®. The following list is of the weak organs he found by doing this testing, which by the way is not in any way invasive or unpleasant; Thyroid, Frontal Brain, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Liver, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, and Left Adrenal Gland. He did the testing a few times in a row to find the weakest organ and to my disbelief my weakest organ was my Thyroid. He explained that the Thyroid could cause all the symptoms I was having. He then told me that we are going to treat the weakest organ which makes sense, right? If the Thyroid can cause all these symptoms and it is the weakest why treat another organ first which was what my doctors were doing. Not once did they look more into my Thyroid even though it was swollen but since the biopsies were coming back negative I guess they thought I was OK. So the treatment from Dr. Mark for this was extremely different from previous treatments. First it was to completely change my diet; no carbs, the fewer ingredients the better, no soda or any sugary drinks, lots of veggies, fruit and protein. Second, he muscle tested which supplements would work best for me and then he muscle tested the dosage I would take instead of a text book dosage. He tailored what MY body needed, I was finally not just a patient, I was an individual and was treated with care! He gave me a diet diary so to speak and I had to fill out everything I ate and drank. I agreed to the diet change and realized that this doctor was going to be the one to give me the help I have needed since the age of 16. I walked out feeling hope, something I had never felt before. I called my Mom and told her every detail of my first appointment – she cried happy tears and said that she believes in this doctor, as did I. So my no carb diet began and I was determined not to cheat. I needed to know for sure if this was what I needed. I struggled without having my daily bagel or any type of carbs but I did it. I got through week number one! Appointment number 2 with Dr. Mark was on September 22, 2012. My bowels were moving better; I was going almost every day, the stomach pain continued BUT it was not as intense and not as frequent, my headaches were improving, I had no nausea or dry heaving, I could feel all my toes except for my pinky toe on my right foot, and the size of my thyroid was almost back to normal – every day for 3 years my thyroid was swollen, 1 week of supplements and diet change and it was almost back to its normal size!! Dr. Mark did the muscle testing and all my weak organs were improving, after ONE week! He gave me the encouragement I needed and said I was doing a great job and to keep up the good work and so I did! Week two, here I come! No cheating on my diet, taking all my supplements like instructed and I was feeling the best I had felt since this nightmare began when I was 16. Appointment number 3 with Dr. Mark, September 28th, my pain improved 80%, nausea – none! My pinky toe decided to join the rest of my toes so now all 10 toes I could feel, headaches – gone! Bowel movements – pretty much every day, there were days I went twice – unheard of for me! My organs are still improving so we are sticking to the program of no carbs and taking the supplements. Oh and I cannot forget the fact that I fit into a pair of jeans that I couldn’t squeeze into for at least 3 years! Since my first appointment with Dr. Mark I have only had two days where I was nauseous compared to every day for months at a time. To find a doctor like Dr. Mark after all these years is amazing. He’s kind and caring and he knows what he’s doing. I completely trust him and I have never said this about any of my doctors and I’ve had a lot! Thank you Dr. Mark for giving me my life back! It’s only been a few weeks but you have saved me!"

- Alli M.

"Wow! TG we found you! I am so proud of Alli and how well she is doing, and it is great to see her healthy and happy! It's like a miracle-it is a miracle after 15 years of western medicine not being able to help her. And after 1-2-3 weeks with your nutritional supplements she is so much better-unbelievably better within 3 weeks!! I am a believer."

- Sharon F.

"Shortly after starting my freshman year at college, I became very sick with Mono. I was exhausted all the time, couldn't exercise, and had sore throats and swollen glands constantly. Throughout the next fifteen months of me being sick I had gone to see five different doctors, been put on steroids and antibiotics, been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and had each of those five different doctors tell me there was nothing they could do for me, I just needed to rest. I had gone from an extremely healthy, active and athletic teenager to someone who could hardly do anything besides go to class and sleep. Everything that made me who I was had been taken away from me by being sick. After nearly fifteen months with my symptoms not getting any better, Dr. Goldhirsch was recommended to me. He changed my life. Within two weeks, I had gone from sleeping about fifteen hours a night to a normal eight or nine hours. I was able to exercise, be involved on campus, and start getting my life back. The nutritional supplements that Dr. Goldhirsch has given me have gotten rid of all of my symptoms and made me feel better than even before I got sick.

Dr. Goldhirsch is someone that I would, and have, recommend to anybody. He is caring, knowledgable, and only worried about the well being of his patients. Dr. Goldhirsch gave me back control of my own body and I could not be more thankful."

- Danica D.

"Shortly before my 80th birthday, I was beginning to have some memory loss, lower energy and not feeling up to par in most aspects of my life. Being an old retired R.N., I was skeptical about seeing a nutritionist but relented when my daughter urged me to do it. (As with most older nurses, I thought they were not legitimate, as were the MD's I had worked with.) How is it now? I have much less memory loss. I have even remembered names I had long forgotten. I have more energy and attend the gym, work with a trainer and get much approval for doing this. I take my dog for long walks daily and play golf a lot. I have told Mark that if he can make me a better golfer, I will praise him to the skies."

- Ellen A.

"Prior to seeing Dr. Mark, I had been on various medications for anxiety and depression. Several times in my life I had tried to ween myself of all prescription medications with no luck. I'd go through various stages of withdrawal and/or have some sort of major anxiety attack and/or emotional breakdown. Not long after seeing Dr. Mark, he suggested I try a natural supplement, St. John's Wort. After talking with Dr. Mark about it, I decided to try again and slowly ween myself off the prescription meds. I couldn't have been more happy with the results this time around. I had zero side effects and after a few months I was off all prescription medications. It's been a few weeks now, and still no side effects and I haven't had any major anxiety attack/depression episode. Besides coming to see Dr. Mark for anxiety and depression issues, I also had an issue with frequent heartburn. I also started getting this deep pain where I felt the heart burn. My primary health physician suggested I try Prilosec. I reluctantly went ahead and took it as I had heard about several side effects. Prilosec didn't really help at all so i stopped taking it. After Dr. Mark had suggested to cut a few things from my diet that were known to cause heartburn, (Tomato sauce/Chocolate, both of which I ate frequently) the heartburn stopped, but the deep pain continued. After testing me again. Dr. Mark put me on Pituitrophin PMG. After about a week, the pain in my stomach stopped. I've been on Pituitrophin for a few months now and have had no more pain. I'm on several different supplements for various ailments and I feel great. Dr. Mark is genuinely more concerned with his clients well-being than making a profit. I always feel comfortable talking with him and would recommend him (and have) to family members and friends. Thanks Dr. Mark!"

- John F.

"Dr. Mark is a kind, loving and observant Doctor. He will treat you from head to toe. He pays attention to the slightest detail. He desires for you to be well. He has helped me with my eyes, my kidney, my liver and my digestion. I highly recommend him if you simply don't know what to do."

- Carol D.

"After trying numerous treatments for my coldsores, my mom decided to send me to Dr. Mark Goldhirsch. I've suffered with coldsores my entire life and decided that I finally wanted to actively treat them, not just slap on some cream and take a few pills when I felt one coming. At my first appointment Dr. Goldhirsch told me that I should stop eating dairy and sugar. I thought he was crazy, but I cut it out anyway, because I wanted his treatment to work so badly- I'd do anything to get rid of my coldsores. I won't lie and say it was easy, not eating dairy or sugar and being a college student was very difficult, but I had a lot of hope that it would work. About a month in I wasn't too sure about the whole diet thing, but after jumping on the scale and seeing I lost ten pounds, I realized that the diet was making me a lot healthier, which made me want to stay on track. Two months into the diet I realized that I hadn't felt like I was going to get a coldsore at all (which is very unusual for me). Week by week I noticed how much happier and healthier I was becoming. I can't express enough how great Dr. Goldhirsch is. He takes time to explain things to me, so that I know what we're doing and how everything is working with my body. I never feel rushed or confused and I always feel welcome and at ease. I actually look forward to my appointments with Dr. Goldhirsch (it is absolutely worth the two hour drive from college). At a recent appointment with a different doctor, I had to fill out a health form, and for the first time in a very long time, I checked off "extremely healthy" when asked to describe my present health. Yes, we are treating my coldsores, but we are also changing my whole lifestyle- and for the better. I have never felt more clean and healthy than I do now, and I owe all of my thanks to Dr. Goldhirsch- he truly has changed my life for the better."

- Abby R.

"I suffer with Post-Polio Syndrome. In 1944, I contracted Polio at 12 years old and was paralyzed from the neck down to my toes. I'm now 79 years old. Thanks to Dr. Mark Goldhirsch, my chiropractor for over 18 years. He helps keep me moving without joint pain."

- Joan D.

"When I first came to see Dr. Mark, we did a Heart Rate Variability test and discovered my nervous system was off-balance. While he muscle tested me, he had me hold 4 nutritional products. Just while holding the remedies, I realized my pain went from a 5 or 6 (on a scale of 1-10) to a zero. Also, by the end of the appointment, my hands stopped shaking. Since then, it has only been a week and I have been able to go to the bathroom, I have no shaking of the hands, no pain, and full of energy. I feel better both emotionally and physically."

- W.O.

"Dr. Mark has helped several members of my are our stories: There was a time not long ago when I was having pain in all my joints and muscles to the point of hardly being able to walk at all. In my early 40's, I just felt like an old lady and just felt unwell overall. My general doctor was stumped and sent me to a rheumatologist, who could do nothing more than keep me on prednisone for an indefinite period. The prednisone helped me to feel well and walk without pain, but I knew it was not good for the body to be on for long periods and I didn't like the thought of putting that in my system at all anyway. Every time I thought I was doing better and tried to wean off the prednisone, all the pain came back. I first met Dr. Mark at a wellness fair on a college campus. After just a few weeks of following his instructions and taking his recommended supplements, I was fully off the prescription medications and walking pain free once again! This past year my 14 year old daughter complains of two things: a lingering back ache (from a tubing incident the previous summer) and also simply not feeling well. No specific illness except for many headaches. She was mostly just feeling weak, tired, and not motivated to do anything. For several months she said she "doesn't feel well," and when asked how she feels on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), she has rated herself between 5-7. A seven was a good day. This was just not good enough. Neurologists found nothing wrong; our GP says she is healthy, but suggests she is depressed. I doubt very much my daughter is depressed., so we went to visit Dr. Mark. He eases her back pain with some chiropractic adjustments. With the nutritional testing he finds some weaknesses and recommends some supplements and dietary changes. After about a month or two of following Dr. Mark's recommendations, today she told me on her own 1-10 rating scale she is a 9.5! Headaches are gone, she has regained her energy, and she seems to feel "well" once again. What impresses me the most is the change in my 15-year old son. Now a sophomore in high school, he has had what we thought were anxiety attacks off and on since middle school. Although he is an honor student, at times he would totally shut down, curl into a ball in tears, and not be able to function. Often this would follow an illness which had kept him out of school, making it even harder to return to the overwhelming amount of work. He would not communicate with us at all. He has been to numerous doctors, counselors, and psychologists who took our money all the while saying "we don't know why he acts this way." I'll admit he did not make it easy since he would not have much to say to them, but nothing seemed to help. In addition to some nutritional testing resulting in my son taking supplements for brain function issues, we took him to Dr. Mark for a computerized emotional profile testing which completely astonished me. Some results of this test were amazingly accurate; and based on on these results, Dr. Mark created a customized liquid remedy to be used twice a day, in addition to the brain support supplements he had recommended a week or two earlier. After just two doses of the liquid, my son and I had the best two-way conversation we had had in months! It's only been a week, but I feel like I have my kid back again! He is agreeable, cooperative, and communicating with us. He is once again participating in his life and family activities. He seems happy and full of life again. My kids think Dr. Mark's way is weird and crazy. Maybe it's a bit unusual, but I am a true believer! With Dr. Mark's help, I have also fully recovered from a back injury this winter. He will only make chiropractic adjustments when necessary and is not pushy with any product recommendations. Dr. Mark takes the time to listen to any concerns and to recommend diet changes or supplements to help his patients. He is very thorough, gentle, and patient with the young and old. I have recommended Dr. Mark to everyone! From now on, we plan to skip the family practitioner (MD) and go straight to Dr. Mark whenever practical! Thank you Dr. Mark!"

- D.V.

"Doctor Mark has helped me so much! I had low blood sugar and panic attacks. After even the first week of treatment the symptoms abated significantly. It's been a few months and I continue to improve. Really, the symptoms of the past are more of a memory than a reality and I am deeply grateful to Dr. Mark for his caring expertise!"

- Peter K.

"Before I started seeing Dr. Goldhirsch for N.R.T. I was on medications for G.E.R.D.(On it for 10 years), high blood pressure(on it for 11 years), asthma and allergies(on it for 19 years). My liver function was extremely high (in the triple digits, normal is 20 or lower) and the medical doctors didn't know why. Since starting N.R.T. In March of 2010, I am no longer on any medications for the conditions listed above! Those conditions have gone away! My liver function has returned to normal. I actually have energy to exercise, spend time with friends and volunteer at church. I'm no longer a couch potato! N.R.T. Has greatly improved my health so much so that I was able to get pregnant. I'm convinced that my unborn child will be healthier as a result of doing N.R.T with Dr.Goldhirsch.I am so thankful for Dr. Goldhirsch. His expertise, professionalism and kindness is why I will always refer people to him."

- Jamie B.

"I found out about Dr. Mark out of sheer luck. For the past several years I had been on several medications to help with my health issues. It was really starting to bother me that my body was ingesting all of these medications that ultimately go through my liver. One medication required me to have lab work frequently to keep an eye on my liver. Enough was enough. I had just made an appointment with my primary care physician a few weeks prior requesting that I have a complete physical because my body just did not feel right. Nothing ever came of my physical. As many of us know, there are conditions out there that doctors tell you "aren't treatable by medication" so they can't help you. At my first appointment with Dr. Mark, I presented with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), migraines, joint pain, thyroiditis, just to name a few. My body has been out of whack since the birth of our twins. Within one week , I could already feel the difference because my IBS was gone. This was after at least one year of it, non-stop. After several weeks of following Dr. Mark's instructions, I was feeling better in other areas, like my joint pain. A few weeks later, I had a lot going on and stopped taking the supplements on a regular basis and sure enough, within 4 days, my IBS was back. This was only the first of several testaments to why I should continue. Not to mention, I keep finding out that many of my friends have been receiving treatment from Dr. Mark for a while now. One fine example is during my second visit, I had a cough. Nothing came up during my examination with him over the cough. Later in the day I had an appointment with my primary care and she told me I had a virus. Two weeks later I had an appointment with Dr. Mark and I tested positive for bacteria. Coincidentally, and I am not kidding, my physical was scheduled the same day and my primary care physician looked in my ears and told me that I had a bacterial infection in my ear. I told my PCP about Dr. Mark and that he had given me supplements to take. She was very open minded and said, here's a prescription but try his supplements and if it doesn't help, you can fill this. Sure enough, the supplements Dr. Mark gave me cleared up my ear infection. I have no doubts, and believe me, I'm a very skeptical person born and raised in the Bronx, that Dr. Mark is just what the doctor ordered!"

- Ilene K.

"I want you to know that I haven't abandoned you, but because your analysis of my problem was so accurate , I don't need your adjustments right now. I must admit that I was very skeptical when I first bought the Ligaplex. My pain was so bad that I couldn't believe that any type of pills would help, but I decided to try them anyway. After taking them for 2 weeks, I woke up one morning and discovered that my pain was almost gone. As I continued the treatment, the pain became less and less. And then after another couple of weeks, I suddenly realized that my neck pain was also gone. I still have occasional twinges in my lower back, but they now last a few seconds instead of all day. My GP had called to tell me that that the doctor who had evaluated my x-rays said that I had arthritis and slight stenosis and I'm sure they still exist, but the "knife" is gone from my lower back and the muscle spasms are gone and I am delighted to have my life back. So I thank you for recommending Ligaplex."

- Bonnie A.

"My daughter was recently diagnosed as having Tourette's syndrome by a neurologist. All of her life she has had mood swings, anxiety, depression, and OCD symptoms. She has always cried a lot and has had frustrations with many normal daily challenges - i.e., homework, feel of clothing, etc. She is now 11 years old and has been on Zoloft for the past 3 years. Her dose was recently doubled due to her growth. She has always had mild "tics" but recently developed several other "tics" over a short period of time. This led her to the neurologist who diagnosed her with Tourette's. We were told by him that the Zoloft would help her with the emotional portion of it, but unless we wanted to put her on "heavy duty medication" (which would merely mask her symptoms), they would probably be there until she reached 16-18 years of age or possibly forever. I did some research regarding Tourette's and read about allergies and its affects on this disease. It was at this time that I decided to take her to Dr. Goldhirsch. After completing several tests, he came to the decision she needed to be taking Min-Tran due to a deficiency in a specific area of her brain (the exact area of the brain that controls most of her "problem" areas). I can honestly say, that within ONE DAY after starting her on the dosage recommended by Dr. Goldhirsch, her facial tic has been reduced (one or two tics in a month compared to at least 5 times per minute). She can do her homework without crying. She studies for tests by herself. She is more focused. Her mood swings are gone, and her anxiety and OCD symptoms are also gone. Not only have I noticed this, but my husband is also convinced that she has done a complete turnaround (and he is not easily impressed). Just to make sure, I went to three of her teachers (without letting them know why) and asked them if they had noticed any changes in her within the past two weeks. Two of the three teachers told me exactly what I had seen myself. - More focused, "settled in", less anxious, less chatty, etc. We are hoping to be able to lower the dose of Zoloft or even completely take her off it. But, even if this is not successful, I can honestly say that she is a different child and I believe that it is the result of the Min-Tran."

- Amy M.

"I had feelings of tiredness and unable to relax. Dr. Mark had removed wheat from my diet and added Multizyme, Arginex and Parotid over a 3 month period. My ability to concentrate has improved and I do not feel as bad during the summer heat."

- Marge G.

"I believe that it was divine intervention. I have prayed for years to find a Dr. that could actually help me in reducing the pain I have been dealing with for 18 years. Best part of all, it has been very effective and at the lowest possible dose too! And of course it is all natural food supplements. I feel better now than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Mark Goldhirsch. God Bless."

- Diane H.

"I have GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) and I have been taking Nexium for a long time. It was helping but now it isn't. While I was discussing this with my doctor, (Dr.Goldhirsch), he suggested I try Zypan. After a few days I noticed a remarkable difference in my bowel system and my GERD was not troubling me any longer. I am still taking Zypan and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product it is."

- Dorothy F.

"At first I felt nervous and surprised that I was allergic to dairy. Now my bladder is stronger. I started as a "0". I am now a"6". I am doing great!"

- Catharine A. (10 years old)

"I find I have less pain and more energy than I did 20 years ago. The supplements themselves have either cured or alleviated most of the problems I have had, including heartburn, mild diverticulitis, chronic knee pain, and bouts of mild depression. I would (and have) recommended Dr. Mark to anyone."

- Audrey B.

"I have been using Ligaplex II for only two days when I noticed a big improvement. Since a car accident I was involved with in June 2006, I recently found I was progressively having more joint pain each morning and evening (my hand, wrist, elbow, shoulders, neck, lower back and knee). I simply followed Dr. Mark's directions of 2 capsules 3 times a day and on Day 2, it minimized the aches and pains by 80%. It is worth trying because even in the worst case scenario, you are not putting anything harmful in the body."

- Carla R.

"My balance has improved considerably, very pleased with the outcome. Since taking the supplements, I have more energy and just plain feel better. I recommend this treatment to all that come along."

- Jim V. (80 years young)

"When I first came I had a few weaknesses. After my 4th visit, I was doing much better. I loved it because all of my normal problems went away."

- Stephanie A. (12 years old)

"Lact -Enz has been proven to be a great relief to me. While discussing with my Dr. about pain in the right side near my ribs after eating cheese, Dr. Goldhirsch asked me several questions about the pain and he suggested I try Lact - Enz. After the second day, I felt relief and no more pain! So now I can eat cheese and be happy. Thanks for a great product."

- Dorothy F.

"I'm taller, walking normally (legs closer together), increased energy, infrequent loss of balance, using wheeled walker less. I'm being educated about toxins to avoid in foods and non-food items. Still having a chronic illness, I will take a pain pill as a last resort. Improvements in my body were evident at 1 ½ months, 2 visits weekly, into treatments, and still continuing… Thanks to Dr. Mark's hands-on adjustments together with natural supplements, overall health is good!
P.S. I'm an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) sufferer."

- Wanda H.

"Dr. Mark introduced me to Nutrition Response testing® and I'm so thankful that he did, because now, two and a half months later, I have been waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, which lasts me all day. My back doesn't give me any problems, my menstrual cycle lasts only a few days and is not painful at all and the most wonderful part of this experience is that my headaches have virtually disappeared. It truly is amazing."

- Kristen T.

"My son Ray (4 1/2 yrs.) has Autism. Since bringing him to Dr. Mark we have seen improvement in many areas. His language has exploded! He's answering yes or no questions; he's saying hi and bye without being prompted; he's asking for things he never had the words for. He had not done any of those things before. He's much more aware of his surroundings. He loves the fish tank in Dr. Mark's office. One of the most exciting things is that he's becoming calmer. He can sit for family meals and he's learning how to wait his turn (wow!!) These are amazing changes and I can't wait for more!! Thank you."

- Joann D.

"After only 4 days of using food supplements specifically designed for the issues I have going on, I feel a lot better overall, especially in my spleen area. I tried a lot of different ways to ease the pain over the years, mostly chemical meds, like antidepressants, muscle relaxers, anxiety meds, arthritis meds like Celebrex, Motrin, Ibuprofen, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc... Finally, I found a chiropractor that believes in all natural food supplements instead of chemicals... Basically, I am feeding my body just what it needs and cleaning and flushing the bad toxins out of my system... Best part of all, it has been very effective and at the lowest possible dose, too! And of course it is all natural food supplements. I feel better now than I have in years."

- Diane H.

"I have suffered "intense migraine headaches," to the point I was rushed to the hospital because I couldn't move my head from side to side. I was treated with a shot and released. I went to my primary doctor and was given medications for my headaches (migraines). I've been going to Back to Health for 3 years for other issues including back pain. I was told by Dr. Jay I should go and see Dr. Mark for an evaluation. We did testing and he gave me some supplements, and I've been taking them for about 3 months. My migraines went from 3-4 times a week to maybe every 2 weeks, a migraine here and there. I couldn't believe that they have been far and few between in such a short period of time. I'm so happy to say Dr. Mark has changed my life. I'm so happy not to have headaches (migraines) like that, and it's great that Dr. Mark can help me. I should have seen him a whole lot sooner!!"

- Megan C.

"It finally came to a head after three months of feeling like my better days were behind me. During those three months, I felt out of sorts, tired, confused, no energy, or desire to do anything. Then in January of '09, I broke out in a rash that covered my upper torso, arms and lower legs. Nothing helped, I tried them all. I knew it was internal, but did not know what was going on. My primary care giver opened her book on rashes and said it was Herpes 7. It would run its course in 12 weeks. The medication she prescribed reduced the inflammation but did nothing to cure the rash. Sleeping was intermittent at best. One Saturday night I could not sleep at all. Knowing my doctor was off on the weekend I went to the emergency room at the local hospital to get some relief. The doctor pulls out the same book on rashes and says he thinks it's a case of psoriasis, not herpes. More medication, and adds if it doesn't get better in three or four days, I better see a dermatologist. One week later I was in a dermatologist office. He thinks I have both, herpes and psoriasis. No medication will work he says, and tries to sell me a cream which will seal the open pores of the affected area. Two weeks later, back at his office I was complaining to him, fix the problem. "Do something, anything" I pleaded. He took a biopsy and a week later calls to tell me I am allergic to something. Tells me to stop alcohol and all non-essential drugs. Another week of misery goes by with no relief. Now the doctor says I better see an allergist, as he is stumped. That's when a friend told me about Dr. Mark. It sounded too hokey at first, but I do believe in powers of alternative medicine. As a matter of fact, the only person that gave me relief during my skin problem days was my acupuncturist. So off to Dr. Mark with the attitude of, I'm completely in your hands, HELP! From the first time Dr. Mark looked at my problem, I sensed from his expression, it was no big deal, like he knew what it was and how to treat it. A brief test or two, some instructions, along with some supplements, and I was on the path of healing. Three days after starting on the program outlined by Dr. Mark, my mood changed dramatically. I felt more upbeat and less defeated by the disease I was dealing with. Other people close to me noticed my mood change also. About a week later, my rash started to rescind, and for the first time in months, I was starting to win the battle of the big itch. Glad to report that after one month, I was healed of the rash. I was now a believer in the program, and Dr. Mark. I decided "why stop now?" Let's fix all my issues which were there but not a high priority. It has been about three months now and I am feeling great. Mind, body and soul are in sync with one another for the first time in a long time. I will continue to follow the advice of Dr. Mark, and if I should be in an ambulance for any reason, and able to talk, I will tell the paramedics "please, no hospitals. Take me to Dr. Mark." The beginning!"

- Herb S.

"I went to Dr. Mark complaining about muscle pain throughout my body. It got to the point where I didn't want to do anything. I felt like I was in a boxing match. He tested me and put me on a program that dealt with inflammation of the joints. I had already tried over-the-counter Glucosamine to no avail. After being on the program for a couple of weeks the pain subsided and I felt like a new person. I now stay on the program and feel 100% better. I also went to the dentist for my 6 month check-up. I have always had a problem with bleeding gums. This is the first time in my entire life that they did not bleed at all. The dentist is amazed and so am I. THANK YOU DR. MARK!"

- JoAnn H.

"On Columbus Day weekend I was making a cup of tea and then... Six hours went mostly missing and I found myself lying in a hospital bed! Was I in and out of consciousness because of low blood pressure, and/or low blood sugar, or maybe from anxiety? After 24 hours of hospital tests, observation and more follow-up tests/appointments with specialists---the cause of that episode remains unknown. So I'm thinking... THIS CAN HAPPEN AGAIN, that is, unless I look for a different avenue, an alternative way back to good health. Thank you, Dr. Mark for offering that alternative in your "weird and wacky" way! I'm feeling better, stronger and not reliant on the "prescription mill." Through his technique, my body is responding to MY individual needs, reinforced by natural "Standard Process" supplements and herbs. And, if I can continue to alter my eating habits, my own body will support itself in optimal health."

- Denise G.

"I have had chronic constipation all of my life, so bad that I went to a doctor and was told I had "lazy bowels." Solution? Take Metamucil, so on and so forth. No luck. I mentioned this to Dr. Mark. He tested me, and put me on a program to detoxify my body with results right away. My body now works like a clock. No more constipation after all these years (I am now 62)."

- JoAnn H.

"Back to Health is not just a nice slogan, it has delivered me - back to health! I was referred by my MD to Dr. Goldhirsch. The Chiropractic care I received was not snap, crackle, pop, and out the door. It was thorough and effective. There are a lot of competent Chiropractors out there, but Dr. Goldhirsch brought me so much more - the nutrition response system. I had multiple health issues, and to my surprise, all were resolved via his expertise in kinesiology, and the SP supplements. I came to Dr. Mark after having a coronary stent installed. After the stent was installed I had a TIA (mini stroke)accompanied with dizziness, memory loss, co-ordination, and speech problems I also had rib cartilage damage, kidney issues, heart strength issues, & deficient brain artery flow. All of these were brought back to normal within 4-6 weeks. The natural supplements brought a big improvement with each week. His weekly analysis, and prescribing the precise natural supplement dosage, brought about healing of all these issues. Most of us are weary of all the supplements that we've heard of and tried. I can't emphasize enough how the SP products and Dr. Goldhirsch's expertise changed my life, and brought me
back to health."

- Bill in Poughkeepsie

"When I came to Dr. Mark Goldhirsch 6 weeks ago, my main complaint was the constant itching and hives. Since his treatments with supplements and some diet eliminations, I can honestly say the itching has stopped, and so have the hives. I have lost 17 lbs. I sleep better and have more energy. My concentration has improved also. It's amazing how such a simple non-invasive test can explain so many things about your body. I am extremely pleased with the results."

- Patricia H.

"I have been seeing Dr. Goldhirsch since September 3, 2008 because of first time severe back pain. From the very first session, I felt comfortable and at ease with Dr Mark. My headaches, along with some other issues, were not the reason I started seeing Dr.Goldhirsch. In my opinion, they were not even issues. But once your whole body begins to feel better with his techniques, you start thinking about all of the little idiosyncrasies that happen every day and you want to help them too. After seeing for myself what these supplements do, I am a firm believer and a lifetime patient of Dr. Goldhirsch."

- Kara S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Goldhirsch for the past 8 years. I am so grateful to have found such a great Chiropractor. As a 26 year old female who has been active her whole entire life, I found it strange that everyday after work I was coming home extremely exhausted. I would sleep for three hours, wake up, eat and then go back to sleep for the night. This was a daily occurrence. I made an appointment with my physician, who took blood and sent me on my way telling me that "I am fine." Dr. Jay recommended me to Dr. Mark after I told him my story. Dr. Mark was great at explaining things to me and ran some tests. He discovered that I was having some immunity issues and placed me on a regiment of supplements along with dietary restrictions. It has been 2 months since we started. I no longer take naps, I go out to run daily and I can think much clearer. My clothes fit much better and I always feel full of energy. I would like to say thank you to Dr. Mark and his staff for putting me back together again. ~Kaila L.

My main complaints were stomach problems, nausea and diabetes. I was put on many prescription drugs which had many side effects, therefore more drugs to treat side effects! Non-invasive testing and natural supplements have improved my problems and eliminated many of my problems. It is amazing how the non-invasive testing and natural supplements can straighten out what medications had messed up. Educating me on this wonderful technique was the best thing that could have happened to me because I thought I had to live the rest of my life feeling sick."

- MaryAnne R.

"I came to Dr. Mark around Feb. '09 after reading "Say Goodbye to Illness." My main complaints were severe springtime allergies, insomnia (due to what I thought were hormonal changes), minimal hair loss, and tendinitis preventing me from enjoying a game of tennis without pain. It is now June and I sleep like a baby at night, no longer needing to have the TV on to lull me to sleep. This happened almost immediately after beginning therapy. My "tennis elbow" has not been an issue this year, however, my game needs some work! Spring allergies were brutal for 2 weeks so we "switched gears" and focused on the underlying evil, adjusting supplements and, to my relief, I have only had some occasional sneezing & watery eyes (no itching). Thank you Dr. Mark! I can honestly say that I have more energy, feel great, and can fit into my old clothes! ~Ann S.

There are other Chiropractors close to my house, but I do not mind making the trip due to the treatment and results I receive from coming to Dr. Mark. I would recommend anyone who is in pain, in poor health or just looking to improve their health, to visit Dr. Mark and be open minded as to what is possible with the treatments offered here."

- Melissa G.


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