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Chiropractic Red Hook NY Muscle Testing

An alternative approach that helps zero in on the cause of one's health problems involves muscle testing. Muscle testing by Red Hook NY chiropractors, is a muscle feedback system that is designed to access the energy flow patterns within the body. With muscle testing, the degree of accuracy is remarkable and is best seen in the results achieved, and the speed of that achievement by experienced practitioners skilled in this approach.

How Muscle Testing in Red Hook NY Works

An individual is instructed to hold out his arm at approximately a 90 degree angle. The practitioner at Dr. Goldhirsch Chiropractic & Nutrition then makes contact with his hand over the wrist area of the individual's outstretched arm, and asks the individual to resist a gently applied downward force. The muscle responds in one of two ways in what is termed a "lock" (muscles remains strong) or an "unlock" (muscle weakens). How the muscle responds and what the response is telling us depends entirely on the details of the session at the time.

Testing Organs, Glands and Systems

When muscle testing, generally there are specific contact or reflex points on the body that are associated with different organs or organ systems. Let's say we wish to test the thyroid. The practitioner contacts the individual's thyroid reflex point with his one hand while he applies downward pressure with his other hand on the individual's extended arm. If the muscle response is a strong lock, then the energy flow to the thyroid is present and no further action is necessary. If there is no lock of the extended arm when contact is made on the thyroid point, then we know that energy flow to the thyroid is sub-optimum.

Finding the Correct Remedy

In this example, the practitioner at Dr. Goldhirsch Chiropractic & Nutrition in Red Hook NY can introduce a particular remedy into the energy circuit by having the individual hold a possible remedy, e.g. an iodine supplement, while the thyroid point is once again muscle tested. If the previously weak muscle response now reveals a strong lock, then you have found a remedy that strengthens the energy of the thyroid and you have found a positive match that will most likely help the individual. If the muscle response still tests weak while holding the iodine, a second possible remedy is selected and tested in similar fashion.

Please review the many testimonials from our patients who have achieved remarkable results using muscle testing here.


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